Arclab has been established in 2011 as a research and services company for architectural projects, bringing in the professional experience of the three founding members. The "creative thinking" is the figure of an innovative positioning and strategy that recall many productive sectors of "building" and all the areas connected with it.

But what is authentic creativity other than the intelligent inclusion of innovation in production process? 
Being able to exploit, from time to time, new rules and opportunities generated by different contexts ...
For example, it means interpreting the centrality of energy saving with its rules and opportunities, through creativity that can wipe out "traditional" behaviors and overcome know-how.

Why choose Arclab between big architectural firms and engineering that already cover all areas of design?
Today architect's profession requires the control of a vast integrated process of highly specialized skills.
We are sure to bring a certified professionalism to the Client resulting from over 35 years of experience of our veteran Member and our determination and talent to offer something new. Making innovation means creating real value in projects.

Because creative ideas need a fully positive practical realization and great pay off for the customer.

Work Areas

Arclab operates a turnkey service for special customers from custom space planning the delivering of the keys.

The goal is to offer our customers a functional space that reflects their activity and, above all, makes them live better, all coming with big respect for the environment

We have always been dealing with residential and its needs, attempting to answer to society's new emerging needs.

From the redesign to optimize space and costs, to the development of brands with a dedicated architectural image studio.

We Believe in the challenges of

Creative Thinking

-  "Designing well to build well" is not enough anymore.
-  The objectives raise as a result of reduction of resources.
- To go beyond the obvious solutions, beyond the trade, beyond what was known
- System, innovation, a guarantee of results: to aim at global creative thought
- To open new horizons to the profession of architect.

Our Clients

We have been pleased to work with:

Arclab Team

Roberto Ubaldi


Fabrizio Nafesti


Gianmaria Baraldi


Mariarosa Scotti


Tamara Zarkovic


Giuseppe Galuppo

Quantity Surveyor

Francesco Moletta


Yasamin Salimian


Federica Savigni

Interior Designer

Kidtai Pokapalakorn


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